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Local politicians release statements on President Trump's national address

Local politicians release statements on President Trump's national address

U.S. Congressmen John Carter, Bill Flores, Roger Williams and Kevin Brady commented on President Trump's national address.

President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders spoke to the nation about border security, immigration and the government shutdown on Tuesday night.

"The federal government remains shut down for one reason and one reason only: Because democrats will not fund border security," President Trump said from the Oval Office.

"The fact is President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage must stop manufacturing a crisis and must reopen the government," Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said.

U.S. Congressmen John Carter, Bill Flores, Roger Williams and Kevin Brady all commented on the national address.

Carter, who represents Texas' 31st district, said Democrats need to come to the table and negotiate.

"Just coming to the table and saying we aren't talking about what you want to talk about, that's not a negotiation and as long as they take that position, the president is going to hold firm," Carter said.

He also said border security is an extremely important issue.

"No one likes to shut down the government, but this is getting to be a potential life or death situation down at the border," Carter said.

Finally, Carter said it may be a while until the shutdown ends and it isn't his decision to make.

"I feel that we are in for, I don't know, maybe until the end of this month. I hope not." he said.

Brady, who represents Texas' 8th district, released the following statement about the address:

“I continue to stand with President Trump in his efforts to secure our border and prioritize national security. In the Houston region, we’re all too familiar with the damage caused by MS-13 gangs, drug trafficking and sex trafficking, much of which comes from the southern border. Our border is not secure and the communities I represent pay the price. The only thing Senator Schumer got right tonight is that there is no excuse to keep the government shut down. It’s time for Senate and House Democrats to come to the table and discuss the President’s common sense solutions to end this humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border, and fully reopen our government.”

Flores, who represents Texas' 17th district, also released a statement on President Trump's address:

“President Trump is correct, the national security and humanitarian crisis along our southern border must be addressed to ensure the safety and security of our nation, as well as those who would like to come to America in a legal manner. Our border is plagued with drug smuggling, human trafficking and illegal immigration. It is time that our Democratic colleagues put politics aside and work in a bipartisan fashion with President Trump to quickly and efficiently meet the critical challenges that we are facing along the border. My questions for the president’s opponents are as follows – How many more lives must be put at risk each day by failing to secure our border? How many more Texas families will put at risk by the scourge of a porous border? It is time to put the security of American families first by completing and funding border security proposals that have been passed by previous Congresses and voted for in prior years by Senator Schumer and scores of Congressional Democrats. There is no reason that this Congress should fail to follow through on securing our border and reopening the rest of the federal government. The president has put forward a common-sense proposal to follow-through on border security and Congress could pass it in hours if it would put American families ahead of politics. This proposal includes enhanced border security, increased law enforcement and border patrol, increased numbers of immigration judge resources, provides more detention beds, strengthens counter narcotics technology and provides for additional humanitarian needs. I remain committed to supporting solutions that provide the resources needed to keep hardworking American families safe.”

Williams represents Texas' 25th district and posted on Facebook to get his message out.

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