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Second Amendment

Second Amendment

As a Texan, and an American, I fully support our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Our Constitution not only provides the framework for our government, but outlines the liberties guaranteed to all American citizens. I spent 20 years on the bench with the Constitution as my guide to preserve law and order while protecting the rights of all Texans.

I support legislation that protects lawful gun owners’ right to purchase firearms, while also supporting legislation to fix the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, so guns do not end up in the hands of those who are prohibited from purchasing them. This includes protecting our police officers who face gun crime head on by supporting legislation to broaden the authority for officers to carry concealed firearms across state lines.

In addition to the right to bear arms, I firmly believe all Texans have the right to their independence and minimal government interference. That is why I oppose the United States entering the National Arms Trade Treaty, which would subject the Second Amendment right to international oversight and interference.

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