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I believe it is our moral obligation to honor our veterans who have selflessly and honorably defended our great nation against threats near and far. It is of utmost importance that we provide the best quality care and services to these great men and women who served in uniform. Throughout my time in Congress, I have consistently and aggressively worked to increase funding for the VA, veterans’ benefits, and policies that ensure we treat our veterans with the dignity and respect they so much deserve.

I am the proud sponsor of the Veterans Transplant Coverage Act, which updates the Veteran Choice Program to ensure all veterans have access to live-donor organ transplants, regardless of whether or not the organ donor is a veteran. I also co-sponsored the PAWS for Veterans Therapy Act Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemembers for Veterans Therapy Act. This bill will require the Department of Veterans Affairs to implement a pilot program to assess the effectiveness of providing therapy dogs to post-deployment service members with mental health and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Scientific studies prove that therapy dogs not only provide physical assistance, but also help with issues such as PTSD by providing emotional support.

Our military men and women have bravely served our nation, and I expect the VA system to provide the very best care when they return to civilian life. I am committed to protecting our veterans from sub-par medical treatment, which is why I called on the FBI to conduct an investigation of the Temple VA facility for criminal activities and abuse; and for the Veterans Affairs Administration to investigate to administer cultural and bureaucratic reforms. As a result of the investigation, many of the issues have been resolved; however, I will not rest and will continue to ensure that conditions at all VA’s across the nation provide the excellent care our veterans so richly deserve.

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