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Carter Statement on H.R. 2471

Congressman John Carter (TX-31) released the following statement after the House voted on the fiscal year 2022 appropriations package.
Congressman John Carter (TX-31) released the following statement after the House voted on the fiscal year 2022 appropriations package.
“Last summer, House Appropriations Committee Republicans made it clear that the appropriations bills brought to the House floor contained controversial policies that we would not support. By presenting a united front to push back against Democrats’ demands and standing our ground, the legislation brought to the floor today contains several Republican priorities that I supported.
“Today’s legislation cuts wasteful domestic spending by nine percent, while increasing defense funding to match the threat posed by adversaries like Russia, China and Iran. It continues the prohibition of taxpayer funding for abortions, which Democrats were originally determined to end, and it secures an 11% increase in funding for the Department of Homeland Security to address the border crisis and stop President Biden from canceling $1.9 billion of border wall funding. The bill also funds a pay increase for our service members and includes military housing improvement investments to enhance military families’ quality of life.
“Not only does the bill provide crucial resources to meet the national needs of the current environment, but it supports Ukraine in the fight to beat back an oppressive and tyrannical authoritarian regime. While the Ukrainian people continue to put up an impressive fight, the weapons funded by this legislation are essential to combatting Russia’s invasion and stopping this war before it bleeds beyond the borders of Ukraine. 
“Finally, the legislation works to secure our own border through increased resources for Customs and Border Patrol and funding for the Remain in Mexico Policy. Also, through negotiations, Republicans successfully removed Democrats’ wishes to restrict mandatory detention for illegal aliens and use tax dollars to pay wages to aliens in detention.
“House Appropriations Committee Republicans stood strong to create legislation that met the needs of the nation and secured many conservative wins. There’s no doubt that we are facing many issues at home and abroad that make the passage of this legislation critical to adequately equip our military, secure America's national security interests, protect life and address the southern border."
The fiscal year 2022 appropriations bills:
  • Slashed the administration’s request to increase domestic spending by two-thirds
  • Prevents funds from being used to implement the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty
  • Exempts farmers and ranchers from greenhouse gas permitting and reporting
  • Provides $100 million for additional Border Patrol personnel and provides a pay increase for the hard-working CBP agents that have been on the front lines
  • Increases funding for ICE for additional detention beds
  • Provides $13.6 billion to counter Russian aggression with additional U.S. troops deployments to Europe, bolster cyber security protections and fund sanctions enforcement 

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