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Representative Carter Secures $2 Million for City of Hamilton in FY 2024 Appropriations Bill

Representative John Carter (TX-31) secured $2 million in community project funds to improve the City of Hamilton's water distribution and wastewater collection system in the Interior Appropriations legislation that was signed into law earlier this month.
"As a chairman on the Appropriations Committee, I'm in a unique position to responsibly bring much-needed funding back to our congressional district and improve the lives of Texans," said Representative Carter. "This money will help Hamilton make necessary improvements to the city's water distribution and wastewater collection systems to increase clean drinking water access and avoid future groundwater contamination. Water is the lifeblood of Texas, so improving our water infrastructure to ensure long-term access is crucial for the success of our communities. Thank you to Mayor Craddick, the Council, and staff for their strong advocacy on behalf of the City of Hamilton."
When asked about the award, Mayor Rodney Craddick said “As the Mayor of Hamilton, Texas, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Representative John Carter and his staff for his invaluable effort to secure a $2 million grant for our city. Representative Carter’s unwavering support and dedication have played a crucial role in ensuring the continued progress and prosperity of Hamilton. As the grant money will be spent to replace our aging utility infrastructure, we are immensely grateful for his advocacy and commitment to our community's well-being. Our city has set aside funds through a fee (which is identified as “TWDB” on the water bills) which will be used to pay the $400,000.00 match required for this grant. Receiving this grant is a result of many communications between Representative John Carter’s Office and the City Administrator of Hamilton. This money will be a great start in replacing old, outdated utility main lines. It is with a humble heart that I, as Mayor, thank Representative John Carter for thinking of the needs of this community, considering all the other needs in his district."

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