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Republicans call for ban on Russian oil with the introduction of the PADE Act

Texas Congressman John Carter joins 15 other Republicans in calling for the ban of importation of oil and petroleum products.

TEXAS, USA — Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, many Russian products have been discontinued or called to ban. Texas Congressman John Carter is joining 15 other co-sponsor Republicans in calling for the ban of importation of oil and petroleum products to be next.

The PADE (Powering America through Domestic Energy) Act was originally sponsored by Ohio Congressman, Robert E. Latta (R). The bill would essentially cease any imports of crude oil and petroleum products from Russia while encouraging the use of domestic energy sources right here in America.

Texas Representative John Carter says the bill will help America rely less on foreign oil products and would stop the president from suspending sources of domestic energy without congress's approval.

“Russia's horrific invasion of Ukraine demonstrates how critical it is that we stop relying on foreign oil products and reinstate our energy independence," said Representative Carter. "During his first week in office, President Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline and suspended oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters, making the U.S. reliant on our adversaries. The PADE Act will ensure that the president can no longer halt sources of domestic energy without congressional approval and will provide a significant blow to one of Russia's economic drivers, making it a win for America and Ukraine."

The congressman also took to his social media to express his thoughts on Russia and domestic policy by releasing his full statement via Facebook. "We must pass the PADE Act and make America energy independent!", his caption read.


The PADE act has not been passed as of yet, and according to Congress,  the bill is in the introduction phase.  

As of March 1, The House has asked for council from the Committee on Natural Resources, Committees on Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, and Science, Space and Technology Committee on the bill. 


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