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Border Security and Immigration

Border Security and Immigration

Texans see the impact of a porous border firsthand. We know the pressure that a tidal wave of illegal immigrants crossing our border causes on our communities. I visit the US–Mexico border regularly and know that while many people cross into the United States looking for an improved quality of life and opportunities, some cross into the U.S. to traffic drugs and people.

I believe successful immigration policy begins at our nation’s borders. We need to employ tactics to secure our border with the use of fences, drones, sensors and surveillance cameras, but it is also important to reform our immigration system to reward those who enter legally, while deterring illegal immigration. Those who choose to break our laws should not be granted citizenship in front of those who have worked hard to do it the right way.

In addition, we must employ an effective temporary worker program to allow employers to hire workers to meet demand and grow our economy. This program will allow workers to enter the United States legally to work in industries where there is a workforce shortage, then return to their home countries when a job is complete. This program should be focused on accountability, prevent immigrants with a criminal history from entering and require immigrants to return home when their position is no longer needed.

I hear and understand the concerns of my constituents throughout the district, and I remain vigilant and committed to keeping our borders safe.

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