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Rep. Carter Introduces the USA Act

Legislation Aimed at Reducing Asylum Fraud and Closing Asylum Loopholes

(Washington, DC) - Congressman John Carter (TX-31) introduced the Updated Standards for Asylum (USA) Act to combat fraudulent asylum claims today. The USA Act will strengthen the credible fear standard for asylum, implement a no-return condition, and establish criminal punishment for fraudulent asylum claims.
"From the moment President Biden took office, he's been playing fast and loose with immigration laws and border security. Now, with the administration seeking to end Title 42, it's crucial to update asylum standards to reduce the abuse the current system is experiencing," said Representative John Carter. "My legislation is not only critical in minimizing the number of illegal immigrants who cross our border, but it strengthens the current structure for those seeking asylum. In strengthening the credible fear standard and codifying Safe Third Country agreements, this bill ensures that those seeking asylum are those in genuine need.
"I am disappointed at the actions this administration continues to take, or rather not take, at our southern border. Americans have had to bear the burden of this crisis for far too long, but the USA Act will ease some of that burden and work to restore law and order at the border."
Under current asylum rule, illegal immigrants are allowed to pass through safe countries, like Mexico, on the way to the U.S. without first seeking asylum in the safe country. This results in overwhelming border crossings that foster the perfect environment for cartels to operate. In addition, those seeking asylum under false pretenses tend to know the 'right words' to say in order to gain entry, even if there is no credible fear of persecution in their home country. The USA Act would require an immigrant receive written notice of the consequences of fraudulent asylum claims and clarify the standards of frivolous claims. Lastly, the USA Act would establish a fine and/or up to 10 years imprisonment standard for those who commit asylum fraud.
Read full text of the bill HERE.

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