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Carter's Secure the Border Act Passes House

Representative John Carter (TX-31) released the following statement after his co-authored bill, H.R. 2 the Secure the Border Act, passed the House.
"Today, Republicans stepped up to do what President Biden and the Democrats have refused to do; secure the border. For far too long, cartels have manipulated our nation's immigration laws to make billions peddling drugs and human trafficking," said Representative Carter. "I'm proud that together, Republicans passed the Secure the Border Act to stop the abuse and close loopholes that cartels have used for decades. By passing this historic legislation, we have taken a huge step forward in protecting our nation."
The Secure the Border Act:
  • Forces the Biden administration to restart construction of the border wall.
  • Deploys technology to the southern and northern border.
  • Increases the number of Border Patrol agents and provides bonus pay.
  • Requires transparency regarding illegal crossings from the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Strengthens current law to protect unaccompanied children from human trafficking.
  • Ends catch and release.
  • Ends abuse of executive immigration authority.
  • Strengthens and streamlines the asylum process.

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