Congressman John Carter

Representing the 31st District of Texas

Rep. Carter to Biden: Don't Force Taxpayers to Fund Abortion

July 7, 2021
Press Release
(Washington, DC) - Today, Representative John Carter and over 170 of his Republican colleagues condemned President Biden’s attempt to remove the Hyde Amendment provision and other pro-life protections from the President's budget. The Hyde Amendment, which prohibits tax dollars from being used to fund abortions, has been a bipartisan effort for over 40 years and now, President Biden is attempting to end it.
“American tax dollars are a result of citizens’ hard work, day in and day out and, for over 40 years, the Hyde Amendment has prohibited these tax dollars from being used to fund abortions. President Biden’s attempt to strip the Hyde Amendment is in stark opposition to the desires of the American people and revokes a guaranteed human right, the right to life.
“Not only does the removal of the Hyde Amendment undo decades of bipartisanship but is in direct contrast to statements President Biden has made in years past. I urge President Biden to reconsider his budget and uphold his previous convictions that taxpayers should not be paying for abortion."
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