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Rep. Carter Fights for Seniors' Health Care

(Washington, DC) - Representative John Carter (TX-31) co-sponsored the "Improving Seniors' Timely Access to Care Act" to improve the quality, transparency, and accessibility of seniors' health care.
"Too often seniors' quality and timeliness of healthcare is delayed due to issues that arise with prior authorization," said Representative Carter. "Instead of focusing on patient care, doctors are forced to deal with the back and forth of paperwork and records. According to the American Medical Association, medical practices spend an average of two days per week sorting out paperwork and authorization protocols. This bill would digitize and standardize these records to streamline the process and allow patients to receive the proper and timely care they deserve."
The Improving Senior's Timely Access to Care Act will:
  • Establish an electronic prior authorization program
  • Improve transparency by requiring health plans to report on their prior authorization use
  • Require timely prior authorization determinations
Read the full bill HERE.

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