Congressman John Carter

Representing the 31st District of Texas

Carter Secures $2.9 million for Texas A&M University- Central Texas in Defense Appropriations Bill

July 21, 2021
Press Release
(Killeen, TX) - Representative John Carter (TX-31) and Dr. Marc Nigliazzo announced today that Carter secured $2,990,000 for Texas A&M University- Central Texas in the Defense Appropriations bill that will be on the House floor later this month. If signed into law, the funding will go toward research to limit hardware and software vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks in areas critical to the Department of Defense. 
“Our nation’s security is not limited to the front lines of battle. War is now being fought in terms of cybersecurity and ransomware attacks and we must be prepared to meet those challenges head-on,” said Congressman John Carter. “I’m proud of the work Texas A&M University- Central Texas is conducting in this field and excited that this funding, once signed into law, will help them continue to enhance the security of cyber hardware and software to keep the nation safe. I want to thank Dr. Nigliazzo and the TAMU-CT team for their partnership and advocacy throughout this process.”
Dr. Nigliazzo applauded Carter’s ongoing support, noting that the Congressman has been crucial to the University’s development of its cyber program.
“Congressman Carter has simultaneously enhanced the developing capability of our cyber research at TAMU-CT while advancing the education of our students, with both contributing to the long-term security of our nation. That’s quite a demonstration of the use and impact of resources. We applaud it, we are inspired by it, and we are thankful for it.”
The Defense Appropriations bill was passed out of the House Appropriations Committee last week and is expected to reach the House floor by the end of July. 
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