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No turning back on a growing economy

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Originally appeared in Round Rock Leader:The December jobs report was released last week, and it was much better than the experts were predicting. In fact, it was great.Twelve months after the new Republican tax code became law, the economy continues to grow. American workers are seeing more money in their pockets, and the power really is in American workers’ hands as the labor…

George HW Bush held true to Country First'

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In the last several weeks, our nation has recognized the Americans who fought and sacrificed in World War I on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the armistice, which ended the 20th century’s first all-encompassing conflict.We’ve also celebrated Veterans Day to honor those who have served our great nation.Since then, America has lost a veteran devoted to service to his…

Central Texas becoming hub of U.S. defense

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For decades, Central Texas has been the home of "America's Hammer," the III Corps armored brigades, which deploy in support of America's national security strategy to every corner of the globe on regular intervals and effectively execute their mission.

Protecting children of our service members

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Often we think of military men and women as warfighters, trained to engage in combat, follow orders and protect our nation. But the men and women that don the uniform are much more than that. They are fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons; each one is part of a family.

Tax Reform Is Working

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Headlines across the country are sharing the good news – tax reform is working for the American people.

Central Texas leads way in career education

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For too long, high school students across the nation have been told a technical credential is a second-rate alternative to a four-year college degree. Here in the heart of Central Texas, our district is leading the way in changing that stigma.

Carter, Chody: The importance of preparing for Active Shooters

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As we grieve for our neighbors in Sutherland Springs, we are grateful for the valiant work of our first responders and other citizens who stepped in to end the threat. Unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate the risks posed by truly evil people. But training and preparation are our best defenses.

Military Modernization Essential to National Security

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In America, we are the land of the free because of the brave. Yet for too long, inadequate defense spending has failed our military, impeding their ability to deter, defend and preserve our way of life. After eight long years of shortsighted defense spending policies, I'm glad that President Trump and Congress are working to reinvigorate support of our men and women in uniform.

CTE: Essential to Fulfilling Employment Needs

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As a Member of Congress, I am proud to promote and invest in programs that prepare students with the necessary skills to keep our workforce competitive and our economy strong. This is one of the many reasons my office sponsored the Congressional Achievement Award for Outstanding Students in Career and Technical Education for Texas 31. I believe it is important to celebrate the hard work of our bright young students, and I plan to make it an annual award.

Resurgence through lower regulation, limited government

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My governing philosophy is simple: let Texas run Texas!  That means less government and less regulations so you can have more control over your life. Sadly, not everyone sees things the way I do.  Obama-era regulations are choking the economy and costing jobs and taxpayer money.  Our former president always opted for more government and his faith in unelected bureaucrats…

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