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Tax Reform Is Working

Headlines across the country are sharing the good news – tax reform is working for the American people.

Headlines across the country are sharing the good news; tax reform is working for the American people.

Every week, more and more businesses are announcing wage increases, bonuses and additional investments in the American economy. The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act has been the law of the land for just over two months, and it is already giving our economy a much-needed boost.

Across the nation, over 4,000,000 American workers are already seeing the benefits of Tax Reform, and that number only continues to grow.Tax reform is providing much-needed tax relief for low-income and middle-income Texans. 

In February, ninety percent of Americans saw more money in their checks. By lowering the tax rates on all income levels, almost doubling the standard deduction, and expanding the Child Tax Credit, American families are paying less in taxes.

Texans aren’t just receiving extra cash – they’re receiving new opportunity. Opportunity for families to save forthe vacation of a lifetime, for individuals to put more towards their retirement, or for struggling families to finally have the funds to finally make ends meet.

Tax reform has empowered citizens across the country, and Americans will only continue to reap the benefits as time goes on.

Not only will Texans continue to see more money in their wallets, tax reform will make filing taxes easier each April. It simplifies filing, so precious time, energy, and resources can go to your family, your business, or your passions -- not the government.

Tax day no longer needs to be filled with dread as it has been in the past, and Texans can rest assured that they’ll be able to keep more of their hard-earned dollars  to use for what’s most important to them.

This is just the beginning. Each day, headlines announce new ways tax reform is doing right by the American people, through new employee benefits, increases in wages, and more.

I was proud to vote for the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, and I am thrilled to see the good it is doing for our communities only a short time after being signed into law.

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