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America Should Adopt Texas Values when Reforming our Tax Code

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Our tax code is broken and reform is long overdue.  Honest, hardworking Texas families and small businesses struggle to navigate lengthy, convoluted tax paperwork while the system promotes fraud, waste, and abuse.  April 15 has become a day we all dread. Our economy in Central Texas is thriving, and we can credit much of this success to our tax system. Low taxation means more…

We Must Invest in our Military

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I'm optimistic that President Trump has announced that he will seek to add $54 billion to the Department of Defense in 2018 and in doing so, will finally end Sequestration, which Army Vice-Chief of Staff General Daniel Allyn called "the most important action (we) can take." While this is a much needed announcement for our military and for our national security, it will still take many years, and much more money to undo the damage of the previous administration. That's time we don't have and I'm working to ensure the Army gets the help it needs now.

In first 10 days, Trump Better Securing Our Nation

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I am pleased President Trump has taken action in his first week to better secure our border by building a border wall where it makes sense, enforcing the laws on the books, and ensuring those who are entering our country do not mean us harm. I am glad to finally have a strong ally in the White House on these issues that are so important to Texas.

A New Horizon for American Prosperity

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Early this week, I was honored to be sworn in as a member of the 115th Congress. Representing Central Texas and bringing common-sense conservative values to the nation's Capitol remains one of the great privileges of my life. I'm proud of what I've been able to do on your behalf and am excited about what's in store, especially as a Republican President will be sworn in soon.

Remembering Pearl Harbor

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While the world marks the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, we reflect on our strength as a nation, and the emergence of our greatest generation. Rather than breaking the back of the American spirit, the sneak attack on our naval forces at Pearl Harbor ushered in a nation so powerful and so generous, that nearly every country on earth looks to the United States for our leadership, for our…

Meet Willie Daude, a CTE Success

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More and more educators, parents, and policy makers are recognizing that a four-year college education may not be for everyone, and I agree. With rapid technological advancements and high employer demand, Career and Technical Education (CTE) has become more than just a backup plan – it is a path to a fulfilling and…

In Central Texas, Every Day is Veterans Day

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As we paused last week to honor our Veteran’s on Veterans Day, I believe every day we should honor and thank our Veterans. In Central Texas we have a treasure that is not hard to see, but can be easily overlooked.  This treasure surrounds us; we interact with it every day, sometimes unknowingly. This treasure represents the very best of our community, of Texas, and what it…

We Must Respect the Rule of Law

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We Must Respect the Rule of LawBy Congressman John R. CarterFrom Central Texans and police officers alike, one message I keep hearing is the absolute need to respect the rule of law.  While I'm honored to serve on the committees that provide resources for hundreds of thousands of law enforcement professionals across our great nation, funding alone cannot establish security and rein…

Clinton's Foreign Policy Failures

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Clinton’s Foreign Policy FailuresBy Rep. John R. CarterFollowing the first Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I am reminded why we must not allow Hillary Clinton to become President of the United States.While I recognize Donald Trump missed a number of opportunities, let me point out some major challenges our great nation faces, and the continued failures…

Texans deserve better than Obamacare

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As a proud conservative Texan, I know we deserve better than Obamacare. Healthcare decisions should be made by you and your doctor, not by Washington, D.C. bureaucrats!Obamacare is a flawed and failed policy that has increased premiums, raised taxes, and cut the incomes of millions of Americans. I have voted nearly 70 times to repeal and dismantle this ill-conceived, disastrous healthcare…

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