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As a former member of the House Committee on Education and Workforce, I know firsthand the important role education plays in the advancement of our nation.

I firmly believe that Texans know best what our educational needs and requirements are, and we should therefore drive our own educational policies. Traditionally, the federal government has played a limited role in how schools are financed, and the state and local government has predominantly driven and implemented education policy.

I supported the Every Student Succeeds Act, which reduces the federal footprint in our educational system, restores control back to the state and local government and, most importantly, empowers parents in decision making.

I regularly cosponsor resolutions that emphasize the importance of career and technical education. I have long said that we must expand career and technical education so that every student has the opportunity to succeed without a traditional four-year college degree.

In this Congress, I also wrote H.R. 4951, the School Security Enhancement Act, which allows educational agencies to use specified portions of Student Support and Academic Enrichment grants to make schools safer.

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