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First-ever National Warrior Call Day will be in November


, USA — Editor's Note: The story above originally aired in June 2020

Texas Rep. John Carter has joined others in Congress to establish Nov. 21, 2021 as the first 'National Warrior Call Day,' in hopes of ending servicemember and veteran suicide.

“The suicide rate among veterans is 1.5 times that of the civilian population, and unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has only increased isolation for many individuals already struggling," Rep. Carter said Friday in a statement to 6 News.

The resolution asks Americans to engage with active duty servicemembers and veterans by thanking them for their service. It's a chance to remind those who fight for all of us and make sacrifices around the world that they are not alone.

Language in the resolution pushes for more of an importance to be placed on "connecting our warriors to support structures necessary to transitioning from the battlefield" while also drawing "attention to those members of the Armed Forces whose connection to one another is key to our veterans and first responders who may be dangerously disconnected from family, friends, and support systems."

Several statistics are mentioned throughout the three-page resolution, including that in the last 10 years, "more veterans have died by suicide in the last 10 years than members of the Armed Forces who died from combat in Vietnam."

Rep. Carter said this isn't the job of a few but one for all to take part in.

"The National Warrior Call Day will help engage all Americans to reach out and connect with our veterans and service members to show support and have honest conversations about tough topics," he said. "While there is still so much work to be done, establishing a National Warrior Call Day is a way to engage everyone to help end the ongoing epidemic of suicide by our nation’s warriors.”

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