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Belton: Rep. John Carter gives out awards to CTE students

Belton: Rep. John Carter gives out awards to CTE students

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) Congressman John Carter visited Belton High School Tuesday, presenting achievement awards to two students.

Carter, who represents the 31st congressional district, also toured the Career and Technical Education building after presenting the awards.

Adrianna Schlaefer and Matthew Pehl were the recipients of the 2019 Congressional Achievement Award for Outstanding Students in Career and Technical Education.

They are both part of the CTE program at Belton High School.

"It’s an incredible honor. I wasn't expecting it all. I'm really grateful he's bringing recognition to CTE and I’m honored to represent Belton High School in that area,” Schlaefer said.

Pehl, who has a passion for cars, hopes to continue his education in Waco after graduating high school.

"(To) be able to have that chance to get such a big achievement award, something not everyone gets. It's a great thing to see, to have, to experience in the world today,” he said.

From media and auto technology --- to construction --- these students are learning it all. They are able to get real-world experiences while still in high school.

Carter says Texas is the place to be.

"People are looking everywhere, every state especially in Texas. This is one of the fastest growing states in the union, if not the fastest. These young people are learning a trade that can carry them through life,” Carter said.

When it comes to education, he added he’s looking to increase funding to technical programs.

"I plan to help fund and increase the funds coming in their direction so they can more and better, so we'll have the best tradesman in the world,” Carter said.

Schlaefer, who is headed to University of Texas in Austin, wants to focus on her love for photography with one day knocking on the doors of National Geographic.

"We are the future, you know, what we learn here will help us to carry on…sort of the work force,” she added.

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